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July 1st, 2010


Apple Products, by Ray D.

The iphone already is exhibiting big problems. Not small issues, big problems.  People have signal dropping, screen freezing etc.  Apple might be pulling a Microsoft and releasing too early. That is not very inspiring.

Apple launched the iPhone 4 last week to a huge groundswell of demand. But the launch was also plagued by complaints from some customers about poor call reception on the device when they held it in a certain way.

The problems have been a hot topic on the Internet, but it is unclear how many people have been affected. The issue does not seem to have hurt iPhone sales so far. Apple sold 1.7 million new iPhones in the first three days.

A putative class action filed Tuesday in the U.S. District court for the Northern District of California against Apple and AT&T Inc — the iPhone’s exclusive wireless carrier in the United States — includes allegations of fraud by concealment, negligence, intentional misrepresentation and defective design.

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