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Tablet on the Table

  • Apple has created at least three separate prototypes of its tablet computer. Let’s call it “iPad.”
  • Version 1 was designed with a 7” screen, which was judged to be too small. The latest version has a 10.7” screen.apple_tablet
  • It runs iPhone OS.
  • There have been reports that it looks like an iPhone. They’re sort of true. It looks like an iPhone 3G, complete with a curved back.
  • It will come in two different variations: one with 3G networking capabilities, and one without 3G networking capabilities. Think of the 3G version as a bigscreen iPhone 3GS, and the non-3G version as a bigscreen iPod touch.
  • Screen resolutions will obviously jump considerably from the iPhone and iPod touch 480×320-pixel displays, enabling easy reading of full-sized book and magazine pages, plus cropped newspaper pages. Expect something like 5-6 times the resolution of an iPod touch or iPhone screen (720p or thereabouts) and 7 times the touchable surface area.
  • It is designed to expand the iPhone and iPod touch media concept to its next potential level: as a slate-like replacement for books and magazines, plus all of the media, gaming, app, and web functionality of the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • It is not meant to compete with netbooks. It’s an iPhone OS media player and light communication
  • Apple is currently planning to announce it on or before January 19, 2010, and to use an iPhone-like hype buildup period to start selling it in May or June.
  • It is apparently awaiting a final green light from Steve Jobs; chances of it appearing in the market are believed to be 80% at this point.

Rumor: Apple to release concierge app

The Genius Bar is a popular feature of Apple’s retail stores. Shoppers can schedule appointments with the resident Geniuses to request repairs, ask for help and so on. The tough part can be getting an appointment, as they fill up fast. AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will release a concierge app meant to make that process easier.

They say that the app will let users schedule appointments with both the Genius Bar and One-To-One and monitor their place in line. No other information was available. Recently, Apple added a service that lets people pick up Macs and iPods ordered online from retail stores, complete with gift wrapping.

We’ll keep an eye on the App Store and let you know when this app lands.

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